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You've clicked the link because something resonated with you when you heard the words FLOW POSING, right?

Posing is a critical element of your photography. You want your clients to FEEL beautiful in each of their photos and to love them so much they will want to purchase all of them. It's all about being able to provide a variety of poses during the session which will convert to a higher sales average.

Posing your clients is a skill, in the same way learning how to use your camera is a skill. So many photographers feel uncomfortable about posing that it creates a block and it can stop you from marketing your business to new clients because you may feel you are lacking the most in that area. It's a real thing.

Trust me, we've been there!

In fact, we've also bought the courses, attended the workshops and still left feeling not quite 100% confident about it. Thing is, despite some courses explaining the poses, what we really needed was a guided, hands on course that would allow us to practise through repetition until we felt confident that we could do it on our own.



The aim of this workshop is to get you comfortable with posing so that you can do it naturally and instinctively. It's a HANDS ON workshop and our main focus here is FLOW POSING.

There are 3 main compotents: 

POSING: To get great portraits, the client's facial expression is crucial, and it's important to make them feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera.

FLOW: In order to create a sense of flow and movement in your photos, you need to understand your basics. Nail 3 poses and build your foundation around them.

LIGHTING: Forget about complex calculations and lighting ratios - you'll acquire the skills to create any lighting scenario you can imagine, whether it be natural light or strobe.

Increasing your skills and experience in these areas during this niche and targeted workshop will help you build your CONFIDENCE as a photographer.

Get ready to have fun, learn and grow as a photographer at this amazing workshop! 

You will learn HOW to FLOW POSE by actually directing the model yourself using the techniques you will learn on this course until you've NAILED IT and you feel super confident by the end of the day.



With only 10 spots available, everyone gets one-on-one time with both myself and Rodney and there’s no ‘group shooting’. The purpose is to get beautiful images that only you took, and for you to learn how to flow pose confidently.


Early bird price: £397

(Regular price £499)


Radlett, Hertfordshire

Our workshops are in a studio set on a picturesque horse farm in Radlett (Near St Albans)










What to expect?

The aim of the workshop is to get you comfortable with posing so that you can do it naturally and instinctively.

It's HANDS ON and INTERACTIVE. Our main focus is to create a natural FLOW with POSING.

What's included in this workshop?

  • Instruction from TWO award winning and experienced photographers
  • POSING techniques that create a FLOW in your sessions which are invaluable to your client experience
  • PORTFOLIO build whilst working with a talented model building on your posing muscle
  • Lunch, refreshments & light snacks

What you will walk away with

  • Confidence in posing
  • A collection of poses so that you'll never get 'stuck' again
  • The ability to flow pose your clients in one hour
  • Fabulous photos for your portfolio
  • Form solid networks with like minded peers at the workshop
  • 10% off our next workshop

Who is this workshop for?

  • If you struggle to pose and direct 
  • If you lose flow or don't know what to do next 
  • If you don't feel confident giving directions 
  • If you connect with one or all of the above, this is for you! 

Meet your instructors!

After meeting each other at a photography conference in Arizona back in 2018, we decided to collaborate and create HANDS ON, INTERACTIVE workshops for other photographers. With 30 years combined shooting experience, we have a shared passion to teach other photographers on their journey to success.

Lynn Margolis


Rodney Pedroza



Be sure to register your details and be the first to find out more about the Flow Posing workshop.

Please note that the workshop is limited to 10 participants.

Once you have registered, we will be in contact with further information.